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"...It is all about the glass."

I am LAURA RAINE a visual artist, lecturer in Vilnius Academy of Arts and I create minimalist and conceptual jewelry made from glass. Opacity, optics and glossiness reflective features makes this material express itself in the most aesthetic way.  I find my inspiration in nature and daily environment.  Ideas combined with hot glass material gives a perfect look for my tiny universes and galactics creations. All pieces are carefully handcrafted. In this webpage I promote and showcase my handmade jewellery as well as demonstrating traditional artisan skills. Each piece is unique and there is million reasons to admire it because each time you will find something you didn’t see before.

Here I would like to tell you my story how much it is meaningfull to me always to create something unique. 

Here you can find the way how the process of creating new forms of design.

Glass jewellery collection "Celestial Bodies" concept

How the space matter was born.

"Celestial Bodies" glass jewellery collection was born, as the matter after the "Big Bang". Every celestial body in the entire universe is unique, as well as my jewellery. The glass material is mysterious and everytime full of surprises, every piece is born at a very high temperature, so the process really reminds the birth of celestial bodies. I am trying to emphasize the uniqueness of my jewelry with asymmetry and cosmic surfaces and colours. All of my creations are unique works of art that can be wearable. Discover your personal combination and "Celestial Body" will become like a personal moon of yours.

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